Welcome to Southern Shore

We are a recruitment and talent sourcing company. Our consultants have many years of recruiting and sourcing experience and work from the premise that we need to understand both our client’s and our candidate’s needs and vision in order to make efficient and effective placements.


Although we recruit across various disciplines for permanent positions, we also offer services related to contract work and will provide a dedicated, outsourced recruitment service to clients. Our aim is to be your trusted talent sourcing advisor adding value to your business and your life safe in the knowledge that your recruitment needs are in very good hands.

Why use us?

  • Recruitment is our lifeblood and focus therefore we aim to be effective and efficient in the service we provide. Our approach will save you time and money. As an outsourced talent sourcing solution, we will ensure we provide you with a timely service that will support your business continuity by actively and speedily filling the vacancies you have.
  • In the competitive business world, talent sourcing can become a competitive advantage, but this requires specific focus and resource. We handle the whole recruitment function and processes for you providing a professional service while relieving your internal departments of the time consuming processes that go hand in hand with this function.
  • We provide an objective perspective that will add value to your recruitment processes.
  • Our many years of experience and networking means that you will have access to an extensive source of candidates both locally and nationally.
  • You will have access to a wider range of candidates than if you were to source them directly.
  • We are able to offer advice on remuneration levels and practices, job specifications and structure requirements .
  • You incur no costs until the right candidate has been found and placed.
  • We ensure that we keep in touch with both the candidate that is placed as well as your company to ensure proper on-boarding process and that the placement is successful.
  • We are committed to provide clients with high quality of service, in doing so developing a long term relationship that will further ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our service.

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